Champs Ring

The history of sports championships
visualized on circular brackets


Visualizing the History of Sports Championships

I’ve loved sports since I was a little kid. It wasn’t just that I loved the games, I loved the numbers, the history and the team colors. I spent endless hours memorizing stats and drawing interpretations of team logos. I dreamed of being able to see the history of sports, and each team’s legacy within it, at a glance. I’ve granted my 10-year-old self that wish with The Champions Ring.
During the 2010 World Cup, I was glued to the screen watching the games. It wasn't a very productive month, so I decided to make a poster to document the games. The result was a World Cup radial bracket poster which we printed with the help of Kickstarter supporters. The project was overwhelmingly successful and it was featured on over 100 sites including the New York TimesGOOD MagazineApartment Therapy & Dwell Magazine. The radial bracket also graced the front page of Berlin's largest newspaper, the Berliner Morgenpost on the weekend of the final. The poster has since been featured in design and soccer exhibitions at the Cité du Design in Saint-Etienne, France and the MuVIM (Valencia's Illustration Museum) in Spain.
The Champions Ring sprang from that original World Cup poster and aims at artfully capturing the entire history of sports championships using radial brackets. There are now 475 playoff brackets and counting on the site including 75 seasons of NCAA basketball, 107 seasons of MLB baseball, 67 seasons of NBA basketball, 94 seasons of NHL hockey, 92 seasons of NFL football, 17 seasons of MLS soccer, 19 Men's World Cups, 6 Women's World Cups, 17 Men's Olympic basketball, 24 Men's Olympic football, 14 Euros, and 20 Champions Leagues.
You can now buy your own little slice of sports history, too. Poster size fine-art prints of the brackets are available for sale. Each radial bracket is hand-crafted with love in Brooklyn by Hyperakt and beautifully printed on 100% cotton rag 200gsm fine art paper. Enjoy, fellow sports geeks.
Deroy Peraza

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